A Metaphoric Journey.

[ 370 words | 1:50 minutes ] I set out on a journey, a totally whimsical one. Unplanned, with no destination in mind. I just wrapped a few essentials in my backpack, and set out to explore a road less travelled, bearing the age old motto of "the journey is your destination." And yet, a …

We’ll meet soon.

In times like this, when staying away is the right thing to do, hope is our best weapon, and memories are the ammunition. Click image to read complete poem.

A Lonely Twilight

Yes, it is one of those days. A day when I just feel like drowning in memories of the past, forgetting the present, and stop worrying about the future.Hoping tomorrow is a better day, for me, for you all, and for the world.

Comfortably Unaware

The sun had brought morning along, and had left at it's usual time. Not a single soul had seen it while it stayed. The thick veil of black, weeping clouds had kept the shine locked away from the earth. Heaven only knew how long this gloom were to last. The breeze swaying the leaves was …