The Story of That Page.

About this Poem: We all have dreams, wishes in our lives. And needless to say, we also have within us the potential to achieve those. However sometime, it's just a matter of the push from outside, a different perspective. A sheet of paper, that takes down thoughts, can surely fly when turned to a kite, …

Dear Time,

Time does heal everything, but can we not be a part of the process? Can we not take some steps on our own, choose the right pieces to help time on it's wonderful task? Why shall we wait and watch while time plays it's wonderful magic on us?

Sit Together and Talk.

Sometimes, we are truly and utterly lost trying to find a solution to the eternal conflict between the heart and the mind. What do I do in situations like this? CLICK IMAGE OR TITLE TO READ.

Questioning the Letter.

One of those letters we have written for our lost love. But. . .here's the thing. Being brutally honest, why do we feel that we won't be able to love again after a bad separation? CLICK IMAGE OR TITLE TO READ.