An equilibrium exists all the same,As we surf upon these moments,Of the fierce war we fight now,Against each-other, but as one. Provoked kingdoms of our bodies,Ravenous swords of our desire,An untamed randomness of skill,As you riposte and I remise. Like the cacophony of sunlight,As it dances inside a dew,Or the raucous frothing waves,As they crash …

You Rain Love.

On that deserted highway the street lamps create patches of gleam and dark. The recent torrent has made the view a little sharper; adding contrast to the usually harmonious dance of light and shadow trying to merge into one another. Yes, it’s one of the few reasons I do not like the rain. It exaggerates …

The Ultimate Escape.

I’m on an escape, a voyage;Through time, one day at a time.I don’t know the charts,The stars are delusional. And at the far end, at the horizon,Where two lives meet as one,Where wind and the waves clash,The unreachable, blissful death,Of the never ending ocean,The ultimate escape, A voyage for life, through time,One day, at a …

4 Lines from Love #6

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop I am a frozen perished beauty,An incinerating blaze of vexation.I am the petals, and I am the dew,Twinkling quiet, on a blooming carnation.

4 Lines from Love #5

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop A rare oasis of soothing memories,Or a quiet brook from a thirsty eye.A beautiful prophecy, spanning lives,Or I'm a melodious, beautiful lie.

4 Lines from Love #4

Image obtained from Google, edited on Photoshop The brightest star at dusk I am,Yet, all I am is a quivering flame.Resent the distances all you may,Yet I am the reward, you wish to claim.

4 Lines from Love #3

Image obtained from Google, Edited on Photoshop Pure beyond the heavens I may be,Mired by riches of a baffled empire.Seldom have I been fairly known,Lost to humanity, who don't aspire.

4 Lines from Love #2

Image obtained from Google, Edited on Photoshop. Eternal flames of passion I am,And I am your early end.For some, the tears of regret,For some, an unfound treasure I lend.

4 Lines from Love #1

Image from Google, Edited in Photoshop. Song of the heart in stupor,That drinks the whims floating free.I scour the bright fields of dreams,'Coz the sober world is lost to me.