The Answers I Found.

Before you read! - what is an answer without a question, right? Have a look at my previous poem for the questions that this one answers. FIND IT HERE. ENJOY! The old man looked at me funny, smiled a little.He looked fondly at the town, the funny houses.And rolled his knowing gaze at the hills …

4 Lines from Love #6

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop I am a frozen perished beauty,An incinerating blaze of vexation.I am the petals, and I am the dew,Twinkling quiet, on a blooming carnation.

4 Lines from Love #5

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop A rare oasis of soothing memories,Or a quiet brook from a thirsty eye.A beautiful prophecy, spanning lives,Or I'm a melodious, beautiful lie.

4 Lines from Love #4

Image obtained from Google, edited on Photoshop The brightest star at dusk I am,Yet, all I am is a quivering flame.Resent the distances all you may,Yet I am the reward, you wish to claim.

4 Lines from Love #3

Image obtained from Google, Edited on Photoshop Pure beyond the heavens I may be,Mired by riches of a baffled empire.Seldom have I been fairly known,Lost to humanity, who don't aspire.

4 Lines from Love #2

Image obtained from Google, Edited on Photoshop. Eternal flames of passion I am,And I am your early end.For some, the tears of regret,For some, an unfound treasure I lend.

4 Lines from Love #1

Image from Google, Edited in Photoshop. Song of the heart in stupor,That drinks the whims floating free.I scour the bright fields of dreams,'Coz the sober world is lost to me.