Comfortably Unaware

The sun had brought morning along, and had left at it's usual time. Not a single soul had seen it while it stayed. The thick veil of black, weeping clouds had kept the shine locked away from the earth. Heaven only knew how long this gloom were to last. The breeze swaying the leaves was …

A Hazy Body

A Hazy BodyUnder the dim street lamp,Comfortably forgotten,Drowned away to abyss—In soothing chatter, gossip,The collective humming,And the nimble strumming,Of the faithful stringsTeased by the agile bow. But it still aches.The Heart still craves.

A Strange Guy!

"What are you feeling now?" Soham rephrased the question for the tenth time in a span of the last fifteen minutes. And just like every other time, the face in front of him stayed mute, unmoved, uninterested in any question Soham had. The guy stared directly at Soham, his dark brown eyes glittering with a …

The Chances.

Not every tale is a best seller, not every best seller is a classic, and we all know perfectly well that there are millions of stories out there that never reached "the End."