Quick Update.

Hello Amazing People, It's been a while I've posted anything here - 4 days to be precise. Ah! it feels weird not to share anything on here everyday. It isn't like I've totally disappeared. I'm here almost every evening, reading, sometimes even scrolling through all the old posts of some users. I find a lot …

Sit Together and Talk.

Sometimes, we are truly and utterly lost trying to find a solution to the eternal conflict between the heart and the mind. What do I do in situations like this? CLICK IMAGE OR TITLE TO READ.

Questioning the Letter.

One of those letters we have written for our lost love. But. . .here's the thing. Being brutally honest, why do we feel that we won't be able to love again after a bad separation? CLICK IMAGE OR TITLE TO READ.

Strange Voice of my Soul

Sometimes, all we need is someone who would listen. Just the acknowledgement, that we're heard, that someone has taken our thoughts into their minds too, is enough.