The Raconteur

raconteur /ˌrakɒnˈtəː/
a person who tells tales in a
skilful and amusing way.

A Skilled Storyteller!

What happens when you believe something to be true, despite being repeatedly told otherwise? What happens when you are in a rut to prove something that you have no right, or reason to find out? Do you just do it for the sake of calming down your curiosity, or do you do this just to show that you can?

What happens, when you are too self absorbed to listen to your friends, and go where you know for a fact that you’ll only find hurt?

The reason, to let go of the baggage that’s too difficult to let go, and too heavy to carry around. The reason, to figure out one good enough reason to let go!

Soham, an otherwise level headed person, finds himself in a rut to find out something. A few people have told him quite a few times that he’s chasing a mirage, and that he already has all the answers he needs. But nothing can quench his thirst for finding the truth on his own.

Being stubborn as he is, can he really justify himself for doing something this awkward? Is he capable enough to control the damage that this might cause? Or would it have been better if he just listened to his best friend and let it go without verifying his inner questions?

Find out in – The Raconteur

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