Treacherous Fire Pit

Swirling aimlessly,Drowning in the oceanOf the fiery golden liquidTrapped in a treacherous vessel,Bottomless, flavourful quicksand A drink, that’s all I asked for.And it turned out to be theDeepest, darkest trench. Enticing,Exciting,And trapping forever within itself,Like the void filled to the brim,And yet,Making space for a thirsty wanderer,Welcoming into his gruesome demise.

Is this really me?

Is this really me?This blurred cacophony of lines,And curves I see,When I look at the mirror! Smudges and broken edges,Of half-formed features, As the colors drain out of theUndefined bounds and intoThe void of Uncharted shadows. Is this really me?This tangled mess of stringsThat were once thoughts,That marked the way ahead! Going over and under,Abandoning …

The Ultimate Escape.

I’m on an escape, a voyage;Through time, one day at a time.I don’t know the charts,The stars are delusional. And at the far end, at the horizon,Where two lives meet as one,Where wind and the waves clash,The unreachable, blissful death,Of the never ending ocean,The ultimate escape, A voyage for life, through time,One day, at a …

4 Lines from Love #6

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop I am a frozen perished beauty,An incinerating blaze of vexation.I am the petals, and I am the dew,Twinkling quiet, on a blooming carnation.

4 Lines from Love #5

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop A rare oasis of soothing memories,Or a quiet brook from a thirsty eye.A beautiful prophecy, spanning lives,Or I'm a melodious, beautiful lie.

4 Lines from Love #4

Image obtained from Google, edited on Photoshop The brightest star at dusk I am,Yet, all I am is a quivering flame.Resent the distances all you may,Yet I am the reward, you wish to claim.