The Nonentity

I don’t recall the time properly. I don’t recall how it started, the conversation. I remember we were in the cafeteria, but how or when we got there, I have no idea whatsoever. We had been talking about people, the people around us in general. How everyone seemed to be running towards an imperceptible destination. While we were totally aware and accepted that they all have a separate destiny. It’s just that for us, they seemed aimless. 

I didn’t realize at that time how true that notion was. I always believed that we were supposed to be heading in the same direction. You and I. I had let this idea of ‘us’ take root so deeply in my head that I didn’t care whether those roots were digging into solid ground or just in an expanse of sand. Needless to say, it was the latter. And that realization came just a little too late. 

I realized that it’s the same for us too. It’s just like with the strangers in the cafeteria. Within their heads, it all makes sense, their destiny, their ambition is very clear to them. But anyone watching from outside, it’s totally invisible. We can only guess. And it’s become the same for us. You’re a stranger, in a busy cafeteria, unaware, and unconcerned about anything that’s not relevant to your destination. I have become a nonentity, trying, in futility, to make sense of someone irrelevant. 

Who’s in the wrong, who’s the one wasting time here. It’s me, observing, trying to make sense, trying to turn around a sphere every way possible in the hopes of getting a different perspective. 

About this post:

Oftentimes, we find ourselves stuck up on something which is inconsequential. Well, maybe the event itself has an importance, maybe it was an important point in our times, but it may not have any business in our future. And when we keep trying to find reasons and causes, and keep banging our heads against a wall trying to predict how that single moment is going to shape our future, that’s when we become irrelevant, obsolete even.

The future will unfold the way it wants to. The best we can do is to be ready. And the best way to be ready is to keep walking with the present.

Have a great day, stay safe.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

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