Pouring Colors.

A thought comes to me,
Full circle from the days,
When scribbling was not a necessity.

When layers upon layers
Of bright colors, swirled in my mind,
Like bubbles racing to the surface.
When streaks of emotions,
Seemed to not flow away,
By a simple tilt of relentless fate.
When all I had to lose,
Were people unworthy,
Destined to let go of me anyway.

A thought comes to me now,
As those colors slide down the edges,
As the fate takes a teetering tilt today,
As failure now means a perpetual solitude.

And yet I pour away,
My heart, my words, my now murky thoughts,
Onto this disc they call the moon.
In hopes of nurturing thoughts,
Provoking emotions,
And maybe, just maybe,
Finding meaning in the abstract.


About this composition:

Sometimes, complete strangers inspire us more than how much the closest people around us do.

I would like to thank Rupkatha Saha for letting me use one of her awesome paintings as a featured image on this composition. If you are in anyways interested in art, check out Rupkatha’s amazing art on her Instagram @miss._.fairytale.

This encounter with Rupkatha’s art makes my belief stronger that ideas keep floating around us all the time. Be it in the form of conversations, incidents, or simple images on the internet! We’ve only got to be quick enough to catch them.

Stay safe everyone, see you all next time!

Find more of my compositions HERE! Read my short story, The Raconteur.

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