Watching You From a Memory.

Watching you, I keep watching you

Watching, as you drift closer,
Like some tide that rises slow,
Bringing in the treasures of the sea.
A magical mermaid of the abyss.

Watching, as you linger for moments
On the golden glistening sand,
Made of slipped and shattered time,
Over the millennia you’ve been gone.

Watching, as you meddle at the shore
Shaping and molding the pliable sand,
Your footsteps, an interim imprint
Destined to be washed away, lost.

Watching, as you finally spot me,
Surprised, miffed for broken solitude,
Then recognition, and the hurt,
For what you see is just an apparition.

Watching, as you lose yourself
In the memory of a time long lost.
When I was flesh, and you had me.
When you were in love with me,

Watching, as you move on defeated,
Resigned to powerlessness,
As you just kept watching,
While I succumb to non-existence.


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