Pilfered Moments

The moments we pilfered,
Drops, from the eternal river of time.
I gaze back into them now,
To find an entire world,
An utopia, just beyond my reach,
Inverted, where sun rises into the night,
And the stars float in a dark lake below.

The moments we pilfered,
That you set ablaze in the flames of lust.
That you masked as adoration,
An infidel to love, to affection,
Serving only to the ifrits of seduction.
And like a fool I gave it my all,
Fueling the insatiable inferno until dawn.

The moments we pilfered,
Those drops, they burn like royal water,
Yet, they’re like the tears of a phoenix,
Healing when they touch,
There’s enough to rain a flood in my heart
And yet, I choose to find solace,
In a daily drizzle of broken dreams.

About this poem:

When we are in love, the time seems to have stopped, the stolen kisses seem like forever. But after an unsuccessful or unfulfilled affair both partners are often left with unreasonable bitterness towards each other. what we need to understand at this point is that that world has gone out of reach, that twilight has given way to an eternal night.

But our life hasn’t ended, it goes on. And those memories, they are ours to keep. Now it’s our choice, whether we treat them as drops of acid burns holes into everything they touch, or we treat them as potions of knowledge for all the potential heartbreak we are yet to receive in our lives.

Because, like I said, that time might have gone away, but the river of time still flows, and we are still alive to witness it.

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