Your love,
I’m not sure if it exists.
If it does though,
It’s akin to the waves
Crashing on the sand.

You never truly quench the thirst,
Never really leave me dry either.
Never can the sand say ‘you’re mine.’
Never can I truly let go.

Who knows,
Maybe the shore is waiting,
Maybe I am waiting, longing;
For something to change in you.
Something to shift drastically.
It’ll be a tsunami no doubt,
It’ll crush the sands, reshape the shore.

But it’ll create something new.
Something new, we can both call ours.

This poem was inspired from a sweet poem written by Anmol Bhatia. Find more from this amazing poet on Instagram – @fairy.with.a.pen. Or follow her on WordPress – fairywithapen.wordpress.com.

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