Constricting tight from all around,
Like vines that feed upon you,
And choke you at the same time,

That grow on you, depend on you,
For support, for the chance to
Reach a little closer to the sun.
And yet, as time flies along,
Sunlight is what they block out
From reaching within you!

Slowly but surely, as you run out
Of the strength to hold them up,
They start falling, slithering away
For they need a new host, a new prey!

Your feelings, unrequited, unanswered
Why do you let them grow?
Why do you let them thrive?
Why not scrape them away,
Pull them off,
Right when they’re young!
Before they become sinister,
And be done with?

And yet, it’s not easy, is it?
To just let go,
To let go of all the calm they offer,
On hot summer days.
To forfeit their tight embrace,
As they embrace you in cold nights.
To forget the fragrant blossoms,
During perfect spring mornings,
To stop listening to their whispers,
When the breeze is just right.

It’s not easy
It’s not easy, it is?
Not easy, at all!

Photo by Robert V. Ruggiero on Unsplash.

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