The Guardian Angel

Maybe I’m drunk, walking tipsy,
On a dark, city street.
Maybe the rain is pouring,
Blinding me as it creates puddles,
A whole new world beneath my feet.

And maybe I’m trying to cross
An intersection somewhere
The traffic busy, countdown running
Telling me, it’s your only chance.

And maybe I’m scared
To cross over to the other side alone
Wishing, just wishing for someone
To hold my hand, guide me along,
In a city, where help is rare,
And companionship unattainable.

And maybe some person
Who appears out of the dark night
Another drunk being of the ink
Has offered to be my guardian angel
Has decided to be my partner.

And maybe its like being hit
By a random car in traffic
Halfway through the crossing
Blue paint of death, open roof, flat tires.
Windshield, blinded by centuries of inattention.

And maybe there’s no driver
Behind the filthy lifeless steering
The control left in the hands of
A few discs made of sand
Only relaying, and carrying out
The wishes of the one holding
The magical remote somewhere else.

And maybe that someone
Is the one holding my hand right here.
The one acting, pretending to be
The guide on this crossing!
My nemesis, dressed as the Guardian.

About this poem:

The inspiration for this one came from a random conversation i had with a close friend of mine!

In the journey of life, we face difficult situations everyday. Challenges, scenarios where it’s difficult to make choices, and even just progressing further seems like an impossible climb. And sometimes, lovely people come along to save the day, make the decision-making so much easier!

But is it always for the best? Are these saving angels always what they seem to be? Or are they going to turn into the ones who are going to blatantly Stan is in the back when we least expect it?

Let me know in the comments what you think?

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