Ephemeral Indecisions

And being in you is like standing at the edge of a cliff. The salty gust brings with it the music of the sea. A sea of emotions that keeps boiling somewhere deep within you. The sea that keeps boiling within me too. I pretend to be a pirate, reaching far into the dark glistening vastness of your nether lips, trying desperately to tear past the veil of horizon. I try to fathom just how deep within your core that forbidden treasure lies, just how many storms do I need to brave to get even a glimpse of that ecstasy. And I realize this pleasure is unfathomable. Your soul is infinite, and yet, I hold the entirety of you right here in my arms.

And being in you is like being torn between two starkly opposite desires. My soul wants to let go, fall off from this cliff I’m standing on, and dive into the blissful state of a little death, to lose myself somewhere within your warm comforting embrace. My body wants to stay rooted to the spot, and keep prolonging the moment where I am awed at this mesmerizing indecision. 

And being in you is ephemeral. Now here, now gone. It makes the dilemma excruciating. Should I enjoy this high, where my soul and body struggle to breathe, just out of reach from the blissful utopia because climbing beyond the edge would break this spell? Or should I surrender to the inevitable climax, break the spell only to reach the ultimate bliss?

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