A Spring-time Murder: Part 2

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Consider for a while, that your mind is an infinite ocean, with multitudes of thoughts floating aimlessly, thought not always, in all the possible directions, also in some apparently impossible ones too. Then there are currents, superficial ones, carrying all sorts of debris over short distances. But also there are those deeper ones, stronger currents, drifting quietly under everything that the world can see and touch. It’s these currents that we’re going to talk about for some time now.

Now, if any of you have read my previous post, A Spring-time Murder: Part 1, you might be wondering – what on earth does this ridiculous metaphor have to do with a non-fiction short story about break-up!

You see, these sub-surface currents I’m talking about are our ingrained human habits, they take a lot of time to form and stabilize. In the process, they develop inertia, they become resilient to any kind of change in their direction. They’ll keep flowing as they’re used to, basically rampaging over any blockages you may throw in their path.

But I don’t mean to say that they cannot be changed at all. People change, their habits change, just like great continents move gradually, restructuring the oceans, diverging the currents over the course of millennia. Here, the keyword is gradual. The changes have to take place slowly. Likewise, changing, or shutting down habits takes time. A lot of it.

You can’t just stop referring to someone with their cute nicknames. You can’t just stop enquiring about how their day was before going to bed. And when you try to force these habits and these currents to go out of your minds peacefully, they’re going to disrupt the landmass, the general structure of your life itself. It’s an ultimate form of apocalypse.

And yet, here’s the thing about apocalypse, it cleanses the world, reshaping it to it’s very core, and making it ready for something new, and hopefully something better. So, I guess all you need to do is stop fighting the changes taking place, and let the great flood flow. It’s going to be a new world soon enough.

Let me know what you all think!!

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