A Familiar Susurration

A familiar susurration ringed,
Deep somewhere in my dark heart.
One I’ve felt only in imploded dreams
And the dull splashes I call art.

The alluring gaze fell upon me,
One from the stars you could say.
Set me aglow, made me halt in my rut
Like night comes to douse the day.

Where desires fought to kill the other,
Sworn to take the world along.
There she bursts with blossoms,
As the spring sings a vivian song.

Clouded by a dead pall, my heart
Was thirsty under a racking sun.
There she brought rain after an eon
And I know I don’t ever have to run.

My core is still caught up in doubt,
Stellar pulchritudes oft end in dismay.
That shadow died, when a whisper sounded,
“Don’t worry love, I’m here to stay.”


Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash

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