The Answers I Found.

Before you read! – what is an answer without a question, right? Have a look at my previous poem for the questions that this one answers. FIND IT HERE. ENJOY!

The old man looked at me funny, smiled a little.
He looked fondly at the town, the funny houses.
And rolled his knowing gaze at the hills afar.
Staring back at me, he went on to answer me.

“In this town that they often call ‘heaven.’
Greeting doors are all that you’re curious of,
And every window you look out of from within,
Will show you some or other wonder around.

“The bricks that have lifted the bleeding feet,
And felt the long journeys of wanderers enough,
They are the ones that lie broken on the roads,
And the rest, still boast of strength unearned.

“The brooks that have quenched the thirst,
Of travelers whose throats are parched for long.
Only they glow with the glitter of pure, fresh life.
And the rest, briny, only steal the sun, and shine.

“Of the million souls dwelling here, ‘my friend,’
Only the ones who won’t answer and ask,
Are the ones that are withering away slowly,
And those wishing to know and tell, are eternal!”


About this set of poems:

I hope you enjoyed this one, and the last one.

These two poems, The Questions I Had, and The Answers I Found, are my interpretations of the first two verses of an awesome song, called Kamli, By Hadiqa Kiani. They are not a translation of the song. The song originally talks about the devotion and sometimes, the craziness love brings. It also talks about the things we miss within ourselves and try to find elsewhere. I like the song because it talks about love as a similar thing to a prayer to the Almighty. And isn’t that right?

P.S. if any of you know what the song is actually saying about, and if I went wrong even in my vagueness, please enlighten me. 😊😊😊 After all, those who wish to know and tell, are eternal, ain’t it?

Here’s the song that served as the inspiration.

Kamlee – Hadiqa Kiani, Coke Studio


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