Afternoon Coffee.

It was a rather dull afternoon. Not because of the sky, it was bright enough to make one long for their shades. And neither was it because of the wind, that, though being rather hot, made the leaves sway. No, for Soham, the day was dull because he had practically lost count of the days he had been stuck indoors.

He wanted to go out, walk on the streets in the evening, look at all the stupid things normal people did, and also the amazingly smart people he came across quite often. But most of all, he missed the caféteria. It was one of those places where some things never changed and some things never happened twice.

He missed the chair at the corner right by the west window, the subtle smell of fresh cakes fighting valiantly for position against the much stronger one of the hot coffee. He missed the golden glow of the sunset casting a long shadow of the pen on his notebook as he deftly scribbled notes for his last thought. He missed the unpredictability, as it jogged his mind to be aware of his surroundings, and yet allowing him to lose himself in the the mingling voices all around.

“It’s a rather dull day, isn’t it?” A voice invaded the calm of his mind as Soham stared out from the balcony of his house. He turned around to find her placing two cups of coffee on the table inside the house, along with a few slice of fruit cake. She looked as fresh as ever, with her hair kept in check only by a thin bow.

Soham chuckled to himself, and walked indoors. Maybe being stuck isn’t such a bad thing. “No, it’s not so dull.” He said, sitting on the chair beside her and switching on the television.

A Side Note:

Imagination and fantasies can not always match the real sense of togetherness, but when you have a wild mind like mine, and a lot of distance separating me from her, fantasizing can be rather fun. The trick is, not mistaking it for more than a temporary escape, right? Because, love is an experience, where fantasies give happiness, and reality gives peace.

Stay Indoors, Stay Safe!

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