4 Lines from Love #6

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop I am a frozen perished beauty,An incinerating blaze of vexation.I am the petals, and I am the dew,Twinkling quiet, on a blooming carnation.

4 Lines from Love #5

Image Obtained from Google, edited in Photoshop A rare oasis of soothing memories,Or a quiet brook from a thirsty eye.A beautiful prophecy, spanning lives,Or I'm a melodious, beautiful lie.

4 Lines from Love #4

Image obtained from Google, edited on Photoshop The brightest star at dusk I am,Yet, all I am is a quivering flame.Resent the distances all you may,Yet I am the reward, you wish to claim.

4 Lines from Love #3

Image obtained from Google, Edited on Photoshop Pure beyond the heavens I may be,Mired by riches of a baffled empire.Seldom have I been fairly known,Lost to humanity, who don't aspire.

4 Lines from Love #2

Image obtained from Google, Edited on Photoshop. Eternal flames of passion I am,And I am your early end.For some, the tears of regret,For some, an unfound treasure I lend.

4 Lines from Love #1

Image from Google, Edited in Photoshop. Song of the heart in stupor,That drinks the whims floating free.I scour the bright fields of dreams,'Coz the sober world is lost to me.

Afternoon Coffee.

It was a rather dull afternoon. Not because of the sky, it was bright enough to make one long for their shades. And neither was it because of the wind, that, though being rather hot, made the leaves sway. No, for Soham, the day was dull because he had practically lost count of the days …

A Darkness, Conquered.

A Darkness,Breathing,PulsatingWith every quiver of the curtainThat hangs lifelesslyIn the way of the breeze.Held by the bar atop the window. A Darkness,Thumping,PumpingThe million thoughts,And even more doubts,As it takes hold of the roomWhere I try so desperately to sleep. A Darkness,Inching closer,Floating in,As the curtain swooshes,A breeze let in, unwanted.A breeze, I can't bear to …

A mirror thought.

I see the mirror sometimes,To vent out the steam,All the pent up aggression, andAnd what else?I don't know, frustrations maybe.Or maybe just the disgust withFucked up non sense of the world. I see the mirror sometimes,To clear out the air,Between the me I can touch,And the me I can only see.Just to make sure,That we …