New Day Will Come.

An idea is being put to words.

Captured, by demons unnamed,
Taken prisoner, kept in darkness.
But free words don’t need open doors.
To flow into the Universe Within.

Strangled, by chains invisible,
Restrained, by shackles unbreakable.
Yet, they can’t hold my mind.
Can’t smother me in a dark hole.

I might seem stuck here,
But that ain’t all the reality.
I’m waiting, patiently counting days,
For when I meet the morning again,
It’ll be a morning of freedom,
Of fresh dew, and love for the sun.


About this Poem:

As we are being forced to stay indoors by a worldwide calamity-of-sorts, we writers just can’t keep our minds get sluggish, can we? And certainly for that reason, I’ve started working on something. Something that I hope to put out here soon for all of you to see.

Until this idea is presentable enough,
STAY SAFE! We’ll meet on a New Day.

Find more at A Universe Within.

3 Replies to “New Day Will Come.”

  1. We all need to put it out there. I am excited to see what my friends create while being “grounded.” I do hope we all don’t just watch the news and netflix and game. How dangerous that would be! I will be following what you have brewing.

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