Heavenly Abyss.

I went away to this place, an unplanned trip, a journey undertaken just because. There, in that place, time was of no consequence. It flowed it’s own pace, speeding up for the happy, slowing down for the sad, even changing its course for some lucky ones. But time was a voyeur for us. It had stopped there and was probably watching us intently, as we lost ourselves into one another.

There, I saw stars taking birth, shunting out the darkness. The pure, cleansing glow, killing off all the demons even from the darkest corners of my being. And there I was, in the center of that beautiful galaxy, while my body lay on the hard mattress of my scantily lit apartment.

It was quiet in there. The stillness broken only by the sharp gasps of breathing. Breathing, a labor we were both struggling with, because our brains often were forgetting to keep the lungs in check. Why won’t it? The moisture of your lips, and the warmth of your neck were at a higher priority.

Streaks of light flashed into the room, flowing in through the open window. They were caught in your eyes as you straddled me. I watched that enticing dance of light and shadow in your eyes until you closed them and your lips let out that beautiful whimper I love so much.

The world ceased to exist as your face drooped closer to mine, your hair falling all over my face, confining my vision to the here and now — your face. a picture of lusted ecstasy. One truth, that’s all that fills my being then —

“I am in love with the reality of the moment, for however far you take me away into the depths of your being, the heavenly abyss, I’ll be safe, tethered to life by your flowing mane. The magic, the strange way in which you turn the coarse industrial air to satin silk, and the quiet of a dark room into the symphony divine.

“The magical way, you make love to me.”