Writer’s Block #2: I’m Confused.

Continuing along with my previous post, Feeling Nothing, this is one development. It is actually supposed to be a development, because I’m acknowledging that I am confused, rather than feeling nothing. Am I talking in circles? Am I making no sense at all? I don’t quite know.

However, I know that there’s a hindrance, a blockage of some kind in front of me. And somewhere, somehow, getting over it depends upon how I perceive it. I deny to surrender, becasue this is the way out of stagnation. Waiting just won’t work!

Please let me know how you think this thought series is progressing, and if you all have any interesting ideas, it’ll be priceless!

I’m confused,
With what to make of this thing,
That stands unmoving in front of me.
Rigid, lifeless, heavier than guilt,
Larger than my thoughts.

I’m confused,
With my mind asking,
Is it just a wall?
Or shall I treat it,
As my next canvas?
For my next graffiti.

I’m confused,
Shall I shatter it to pieces,
With hard blows from a brush,
Or crack it slow and steady,
With an ebbing torrent of words.

Strange though it is,
I’m not willing to,
Stand still and ogle it,
‘Cause it is the wall that’s rigid.
‘Cause it’s the wall that has
No power to move.

It’s not me,
It’s not me.

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