Writer’s Block #1: Feeling Nothing.

Yeah, so I found myself in this crazy situation. I know most of us writers, professional and amateurs and hobbyists alike, have found themselves stuck more than once. But unlike most of us, I thought of tackling it in a different way. Like people who keep a track of what’s going on in their bodies when they drink too much — yes, there are people like that, trust me! — I thought of putting to words exactly what I’m feeling.

Maybe it’ll help put this block aside and move on, or maybe I’ll stay stuck in this dark place, reporting all the recent developments like this. Who knows? All I know is, stagnation is a greater threat!

So, here’s a little thought exercise I did in the form of a short poem. Do tell me what you all think. And if you have ideas to help me out, it’ll be priceless!

Am I feeling nothing?
Absolutely nothing at all?

No desires,
No opinions,
No thoughts to express!
Or is it just that I have
Run out of space?

Space, where I can seed ideas,
Where the torrent of thoughts
Would nurture them in droughts.

Space, where we’ll sit together,
And we’ll chat about stuff to think.
And laugh, without a sad blink.

Am I feeling nothing?
Absolutely nothing at all?

Am I numb to even myself now,
My feelings, my eternal memories,
Or even the greatest shift,
In my brooding river of study.

Study, that sparks a notion of rumination,
That grows along the path of contemplation.
And, forms those words of expression.

Study, that you do to realize,
Materialize those dreams into reality,
And cringe at the final gory graffiti.

Am I feeling nothing?
Absolutely nothing at all?

5 Replies to “Writer’s Block #1: Feeling Nothing.”

  1. Nice poem. I think that the reason we get writer’s block is that we put ourselves in a routine, like writing a chapter/poem a day, posting something everyday etc. But writing is all about experimentation and adventure. When we can’t write a particular piece of work we want to, we should try something new, just like you did.

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