The Story of That Page.

About this Poem:

We all have dreams, wishes in our lives. And needless to say, we also have within us the potential to achieve those. However sometime, it’s just a matter of the push from outside, a different perspective.

A sheet of paper, that takes down thoughts, can surely fly when turned to a kite, and tied guided by someone. Just like that, maybe all we need is a different viewpoint, a different way of looking at the life. Maybe we are so lost in what we know, that we forget to see what is stopping us.

Such is the power of love, that it might be able to see the one unique quality in us that we overlook in our beliefs.

I dreamed I was flying,
Soaring up high in the air.
While sulking in dark; lying
Amid beings like myself here!

I dreamed of shaking hands,
Above all the skylines tall.
With giddy clouds & color bands,
As the sun kisses them before all.

I dreamed to see the earth,
A lot of it’s beauty, at a glance.
This frosty shelf has no worth,
To the merry fun, of that chance.

In my dreams, there’s the catch-
I’m just paper, in a journal lost.
With them birds, I cannot match,
And my thoughts, crushed by frost.

Then You came along!

You saw my words, read them aloud,
And found them worthy, in first glance.
When I thought, you would be cowed,
You had decided to give me that chance

Teared me out of my bounds,
You turned me into a kite.
Pulled me out in lush grounds,
Held my line, you gave me flight.

Image Obtained from google images. Edited using Photoshop. Credits to the sketch owner!

Did you enjoy the poem? I would love to know what you thought about it! Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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