The Choices.

You have an idea,
Of how you want things to be,
Of what you want from life,
Of what you need to do ahead.

You have answers,
To all your your questions,
To all doubts that plague,
To every puzzle ever made.

And sometimes,
You are able to see,
The glitters of the day,
The light beyond the sunset,
The odds fusing together.

But Sometimes,
It’s all a SURPRISE!
You won’t have any idea,
Of where you’re headed.
Things start going haywire,
The questions and doubts,
Will turn into nightmares.
And the cold, quiet darkness,
Blankets every possible exit.

You can run away,
And go, finish your story,
In the tried and tested way.
But just think,
Just feel the thrill,
Of trying to figure it out,
Of trying to find the answers,
Of seeing something unseen.

The fear of the unknown—
It may daunt us to inaction,
Or take us to greater heights
The Choice, mostly, is Ours!

Image from: 4Archive

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