A Strange Guy!

“What are you feeling now?” Soham rephrased the question for the tenth time in a span of the last fifteen minutes. And just like every other time, the face in front of him stayed mute, unmoved, uninterested in any question Soham had.

The guy stared directly at Soham, his dark brown eyes glittering with a strange happiness that Soham couldn’t quite fathom. The expression he was seeing was just that – a calm elation that just adds to the facial features of anyone wearing it.

‘This guy is happy!’ Soham concluded. But the dilemma of the why was poking him in the back of his mind. That perpetual little smile was a little too mysterious for Soham’s already observant mind. Soham had to figure it out.

“What is it that you’re thinking about? Why are you so happy? Do you not want to share your happiness with me too? Are we not friends anymore?” Soham decided to take on the offense this time. Patience is not a word that correctly applies to him.

This time, he saw another emotion flicker through the happy impassive face for just a while. The face showed just a hint of doubt, then his features flashed a little irritation, some uncertainty, and then faded back to content happiness once again. But the answer never came.

It’s strange how the mirror is capable of all the truth, but no explanation!

Photo by Drigo Diniz from Pexels

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