Seeing me through You.

We keep searching for love, keep trying to make people understand. We keep running aimlessly, and then complain that we can’t see the finish line. We don’t imagine that there may not be a finish line in the grand scheme. That maybe it is all about the journey itself.

We are not meant to complete this journey alone, but how do we make them stay? Those companions, those fellow travelers, runners in tandem to this marathon we call life. It all comes down to the way we interact with them. If you’re going to walk with someone, you need to fall in step with them.

Instead of trying to understand who they are from our point of view, why not try to understand who we are from their perspective. The so called difference between sympathy, and empathy. Maybe that’s what marks the difference between ‘being on a journey’ and ‘traveling.’

Seeing Me through You.

How shall I say, 
That I understand,
What it means to share?
A feeling of belonging,
The feeling of care!

How shall I claim,
To have seen love?
To have felt romance,
The purest of emotions,
The heavenly trance!

For I only know me,
And the way I see. 
For I can’t feel,
The way you feel,
I can’t seem to believe,
The truth you believe.

I will understand, 
Only when I’ve shared. 
When I’ve felt the same,
I will rightfully claim.

Image acquired from google images, credits to the owner!

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