The Chances.

This story plays itself out more often than we as young people are comfortable to admit.

People come into our lives, create memories with us, invoke emotions, feelings, and sometimes, even illicit attractions. The sad part, most often, is that this blindingly fast paced world assures that most of these amazing and beautiful people have to move away.
Sometimes forever!

And that’s where the trouble starts for people like me, people who wear their hearts on their sleeves day and night, people who are already bothered enough with themselves to focus on the feelings developing for someone else. NO, I don’t mean people who are selfish, just those who have a difficult time keeping track of how easily they open up to other people. People like me, who break the very first rule of human interactions—don’t expect too much too soon.

It’s strange how easily we fool ourselves into believing that every story starts to reach a climax. It is strange how we expect to find resolution to every little twist on the road. When in reality, it’s a hit or miss most of the time. Heck, all those great minds out there have so far only been able to prove that there “might” be life on other planets.

If life itself is a lottery jackpot, and the so-called consciousness even rarer, what are the odds that every way is a right way?

Still, here’s the thing about probability, and luck!

Photo by Yan Ming on Unsplash

Sooner or later, everyone hits a favorable chance. There are just too many variables to choose from, too many planets in the cosmos for us to be alone in this seemingly unending universe. Just take a hit, miss, take another, miss again, give it another try, and the cycle goes on.

Not every tale is a best seller, not every best seller is a classic, and we all know perfectly well that there are millions of stories out there that never reached “the End.”

So, why worry about the chapter not finished? Why cry over what could have been the perfect plot twist? Maybe all those little passages were never meant to be in their own separate stories. Maybe they are just moments, waiting to be strung together in that final tale.

Happy Believing!

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