Everything is Necessary

Come, you say
Meet me where the heart has stopped,
Stuck in an eternal surprise,
Of joy we both can’t ever dream of.
Where blood don’t need to nourish,
‘Cause the bodies never drain of life.

Come, you say
Meet me where the sun doesn’t set.
Stuck in a perpetual fiery sunset,
The perfect moment, of twilight,
When stars just peek from the clouds,
And, the songbird’s lullaby goes on.

Come, you say
Meet me where the seasons are lucid,
Always flipping between only the two,
A shedding autumn, taking away the past,
And blooming spring, bursting in colors.
Taking away and giving back, memories!

But, come baby, I say,
Why not feel the rush of that heart?
When the lips meet, fingers brush.
Why not damp your naked little toe?
Walking on grass, soaked in the dew.
Why don’t we camp out, on a summer night?
Why not pamper, the snowflake so bright?


And that’s how, I believe, everything in life is important. Because, there isn’t only one kind of happiness. And no two people look at one thing in the same way. There’s so much more to see, find, enjoy! Being stuck with our preferences is going to get us nowhere.

What do you all think? DO share your thoughts. . .

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