Spur Me On, Won’t You All?

Hello Everyone,

A very bright Good Morning from my timezone. I hope, like always, that you all are doing well. My weekend was an interesting one. Now, why would I be telling you about a weekend where I found some sort of interesting fun? It has less to do with fun and more to do with a thought that I’d like to keep growing into something bigger!

image from Pinterest

Okay, enough beating about the bush. I found another idea for a new story! Yeah, yeah, I know that theoryβ€”don’t declare your goals before you are ready to face the challenge completely, or you drastically reduce your chances of successβ€”but this is not really a declaration of my goals.

You see, I have always been a person who cannot stick at one place for long. So, when I actually finished The Raconteur, it was such a huge accomplishment for me that I almost drowned in my own joy. But I had support while I was writing it. It is almost a true story, there wasn’t much thinking to do in expressing the emotions, or stringing the events together. But this time; it’s different. . .

This time, all I have is that IDEA!

A complete fiction, that’s what I’m planning to create. And yes, I am shamelessly going to ask for some motivation from you all. Yeah, that’s what I need right now, to keep the story flowing. I’ll keep you all posted in on it.😁 And just for an introduction to what I am doing, here’s the root questionβ€”

Why Should Shree be Perfect?
It’s just not natural. Let’s make her not so perfect then. . .😈

As for those who have no idea what all this rambling is about, follow the link below to know who Shree is. . .

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