Dear Time,

Time does heal everything, but can we not be a part of the process? Can we not take some steps on our own, choose the right pieces to help time on it’s wonderful task? Why shall we wait and watch while time plays it’s wonderful magic on us?

I know you said you work alone,
All that power to heal,
Power, to make us forget,
Power, to help us accept –
You like to wield it yourself.
Without help, at your own pace. . .

But I’m restless,
I want to be involved,
Be an event of the process,
Be a gear in your system.
I don’t want to just sit,
Wait, while the magic works on me.
I want to be a part of the act,
Play a role in the divine show.
Even if to only pick the broken pieces,
And hand them over to you,
So you can fuse them together.
And make it whole again,
To make me whole again.

I know you like to work alone,
Yet, don’t you ever crave a partner?


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