From the Muse. . .

How often does a person take refuge in words? Trying to run from the hurtful jabs of the world, or to share his joys with strangers in loneliness. I think many would relate that it’s a very powerful way of coping with all that’s wrong in the world, with our lives, and the hurt. And quite often than not, it’s also a way of sharing our happiness, and the moments of joy.

It may be a beautiful memory we’re sharing with the world, or some embarrassing realization, that we’re stashing away among the pages that no one sees. Whichever it may be, in my opinion, experiencing it completely should be higher in our priority list than recording it for the future. And who knows, maybe we’ll have a better word to say!

“They heard my glee,
Saw tears that glisten.
But none, I found,
Who wanted to listen.”

I spilled blood from my pen,
Into the body made of sheets.
You turned the drops to words,
Heard well, my despairing bleats.

Slowly, but steadily enough,
You grew stronger each day.
And before I knew you’ve grown,
You too, had something to say.

“I’ll always be here, waiting,
A trusted friend, easy to find!
Go there, have a look around,
In the life, you left behind.”


I hope you enjoyed this little Message from the Muse. Do share your thoughts about it in the comments. . .

More of my poems can be found HERE.

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