Ignore the Possibilities,

Image obtained from the Web. Credits to the owner. . .[altered using PhotoShop]

It is strange, how easy it is to just sit in the comfort of your house, or at the cafeteria with a good buddy, and cook up scenarios about the future in our head. It’s strange how easy it is for the mind to go into overdrive, and virtually travel through time, procrastinating, analyzing all the branches of the possible future, and picking through them: trying to find the right one, presumably based upon our knowledge of the world around us.

It’s strange how easy it is to assume, then claim to be sure and run away from an apparent wrong path — all with just our imagination to guide us. Just a cup of coffee, some cool breeze, a little boredom, and solitude is all we need to set us off into an infinite spiral of useless thought, that we have no control over. And then at the end, sometimes, all that’s left are theories, with only our unproven wits as proof, and a torrent of complaints for anyone who’s willing enough to listen to our rant.

Yet! Is it also not easy enough. . .

To just go out there, uncertain, without so much as a scratch in the name of a scheme? Without knowing, or caring, which stop to get off from the bus, just taking a leap of faith, and trusting Google Maps to keep us in check. Why should we not try it all out, with the belief that we may not be right enough, about ourselves, about the world? Why should we burn our precious grey matter trying to keep all the branches of the possible future in the view, and not just keep moving, caring only about the moment we are in, growing and following only one of those branches?

Why shall we be afraid to allow some loopholes in that impeccable plan of ours, and let the cosmos decide for once, how we should be guided along?

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