Lost Track!

Sometimes, we wish to run away, far from the world. To a place where no one can hurt us, where we have our own free will. And sometimes, it really helps. The running away. In that Universe Within, everything is according to us, made by us, for us. But sometimes, while building that universe, we make mistakes, because we were running away at a hurry.

If we stay too long in that place, we may lose the touch with the real place, where we were a part of an interesting structure, and floating away into nothingness isn’t always the right choice.

Stuck in this place,
Of my own creation.
The Deformation,
And the Deviation,
From what’s taken as
The norm, the world.

I know how it came about.
How I ended up here!
I was running,
Trying to hide,
From the prying eyes.
Or was it just me,
Being Paranoid, needlessly?

I took everything along,
That I thought I’d need.
My face, the words,
Those beautiful sparks,
And then some stains of blood.
But times change,
And they have now.
I want to run back,
Leave everything here.
In this godforsaken place.
But now I realize –

That I’m lost here,
In the dark,
With all that I brought,
Along with me.
I want to come back,
But I had let go
The guiding string,
And those sparks seem
To have died long ago


And running away like that isn’t always good. . .What do you think?

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