Musing on Maple. . .

I’m a big advocate of companionship, of friendships, and all the amazing crazy moments that come with it. I have been blessed with some really awesome friends in my life, and the Almighty knows that I’ve hurt many of them. I’ve had the time of my life with some, seen quite a bit of the world with them, and I’ve been angry at them too, just as they were at me at times.

But one thing is for sure, we’re all growing. And we’ll have those moments that teach us something. Friends do add color, and when they leave, they take those shades with them. But it’s our job to know what went wrong, give them some time, and try everything from our end to absolve it all.

This little musing is for all of my friends, including the awesome ones I found here, on WordPress, an amazing place.

I’m like that Maple,
Who has it’s days,
Of bright Green learning,
Of swinging happy Yellows,
Of salacious Orange whims
The Red of the anger often
And also the sad Brown.

But when y’all leave
You take from me,
All the colors, the hues,
And then life gets cold,
Till the time to learn
Comes again. . .


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