Just as they said?

How many times has it happened to you? That you loved someone, they seemed uninterested in you. You loved them more, they were still unaffected. Then you decided to look at yourself from their point of view. . .And you figured out something β€” They want something different, something special. And then you looked in your inventory and found that you don’t have it.

However, you have something similar, and you are creative. So you go to the ends of the earth to make what you have look like the thing they want. It makes you smile, when you realize your achievement. Yes, there are a few differences, but they can appreciate your effort, right?

Wrong, it’s not always the right choice to change something within you just because someone wants it. Maybe it’s better to find that particular thing and add it to your inventory. And what if you can’t find it with all the effort in the world? Well, try some more!

And like they said in A beautiful Tale:

Don't go splattering blood,
On your silver palace walls,
Just because they love,
The rosy color of copper.

You just cannot do it, dear!
You cannot mimic the copper,
And nothing can make them,
Love the bloody silver instead.


Image from: WallpaperCave.com

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