A Thoughtful Question!

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Hi Everyone!

Hope you all are fine, and enjoying your days. I know I’ve been basically missing for the last week, but I can assure you all one thing, I was missing in action. There’s been a lot going on for the last three days, and I’ve wasted one whole day to a hangover. No, I’m not proud of it, but it was necessary, I needed to let my mind hit rock bottom on that front, because it was becoming too difficult for me to keep trying to act normal with so much in my mind. It was kind of a Reset Button for me.

I don’t really know if I’m completely back to my normal self yet, will know once I fall back to my regular schedule and see if the last month’s events still haunt me. Other than that, I’ve been figuring out some stuff about myself. Here’s one of those things that I found. It wasn’t truly my finding, but something that a friend of mine said to me, that just stuck. I don’t quite know how it stayed in my memory because I was pretty out of it at the time. Although I am glad it stayed.

I know you’ve always dreamed of bringing the whole world at the feet of the perfect one, my friend, but have you ever stopped to think, that you only have one world to give away, yours, and if you keep giving it away to the wrong person, and they keep returning it with a new dent, what will you have left in the end when the right one comes around?

I felt that it was a really powerful thought, especially considering how reckless we tend to become when it comes to choosing our friends and sometimes our partners. So, this thought stayed with me, and I find it very useful in reminding myself that making mistakes is okay, but making wrong choices even when we are informed of all facts is not a mistake at all.

Have a good day everyone, do let me know if you found this interesting, or agreeable for that matter!

Oh, I almost forgot, I’m still working on The Raconteur [Yes, you can click and read the intro! 😊😊]. As I’ve been telling myself, and is evident from THIS POST, the NaNoWriMo for me this year went beyond November, but I wish to finish it anyway. Hope to release the first part soon. Stay Tuned!

4 Replies to “A Thoughtful Question!”

  1. “Thoughts are effective than you think.” This is a title of one of my blog posts. Coming to this one, our heart and brain doesn’t always take same decision. It’s up to us to take the right choice. And we have to always remember that each decision of ours lead to a destination. And whether the destination is good or bad depends on our choice.

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    1. Agree with you on that, however, what I intended toconver is that making a wrong choice shouldn’t become a default, we have to learn to estimate our choices.

      And thank you so much for your thought. Comments and replies, that’s how the Universe Within grows, isn’t it?


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