Life, a Team Game!

The following poem is about how everything in life stands for nothing, if we don’t have companions, friends, partners to share them with. Happiness is just a moment, friends make that into a memory. Anger is just emotion, the wrongdoer makes it a weapon. Sadness is a poison, companions make it a mere curable illness. Starry nights, bright mornings are just cycle of the day, the soulmate turns them into entries in the journal of life.

Yes, we do need our alone time too, but when it comes to living the life, that’s not the way it is.

Hope you all enjoy them. I’ve added links to selected words, clicking them would open the dictionary, if needed!

Life, a Team Game

I've seen a lot,
Learned a lot more,
Picked up things,
Chasing life's core.

Of the sapphire waters,
And the treasures within.
Of the sparkling stars,
Their home, a black satin.
Of the fiery evenings,
Dousing into serene night.
Of chilly warm mornings,
When songbirds take flight.

Of souls withering away,
Sitting in eternal wait.
Of promises being broken,
Chasing the devil's bait.
Of melodies, that burn,
And words, cutting deep.
Of kisses, scarring flesh,
Bonds, making them weep.

But haven't felt any,
In their true tone.
For I can't, and don't want.
To feel them as a lone.


Do share your thoughts in the comments below, would love to hear what you think about it.

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4 Replies to “Life, a Team Game!”

  1. What a great poem. And I completely agree that, although we need time alone, essentially life is best if it is shared with others. It’s interesting how we want to tell people about what is going on in our lives, and we want to share excitements, beautiful photos etc with others. I think it shows how much we are made for relationship.

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  2. Great Poem. I loved itโ˜บ๏ธ. And yes, whether we are alone or with others doesn’t matter. In my opinion the fact that we speak or share our thoughts- our hearts to the right person at the right time matters the most. And that makes sense for a good relationship.

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