Quick Update.

Hello Amazing People,

It’s been a while I’ve posted anything here – 4 days to be precise. Ah! it feels weird not to share anything on here everyday. It isn’t like I’ve totally disappeared. I’m here almost every evening, reading, sometimes even scrolling through all the old posts of some users. I find a lot of things here.

But I’m here tonight to share a quick update with you all.

I’m working on something new these days. A new fiction story. And like most fiction stories, it’s influenced a lot by true events. I’ve decided to call it The Raconteur, after the french word, which means a person who tells stories or tales in a skilful way.

Sometimes there seems to be no good left in the world for you. Sometimes, nothing seems important enough. And at times like this, we are vulnerable to doing something without fully realizing the repercussions. At such a time, we enter into the life of Soham. A skilled guy . . . READ MORE.

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