Sit Together and Talk.

It’s a natural thing to have second thoughts.

To be in indecision of what it is we really want. Sometimes, it’s easy to decide. Sometimes, we are truly and utterly lost trying to find a solution to the eternal conflict between the heart and the mind. In situations like this, we tend to become reckless – as far as I have come to notice about myself.

So, is there a solution to it? Is there a way to know if our choice is the right one, or are we just following the heart, putting a blindfold to the logic? Or is it even correct to do so? How shall one decide who to listen to, the heart or the mind?

One obvious, but less sought after solution would be to talk to someone. Someone elder, who could have had experience in whatever we are facing. But there’s the weird thing called teenage, and early tween-age. People in this time frame, like me, have a tendency to keep a lot packed within.

So, what alternative do I use?

I Flip a Coin.

And it has nothing to do with the result of the flipping. It doesn’t matter how skeptical a person is, or even if they are atheists in all respects, they will always choose one outcome over the other. And that’s when you’ll know what your heart truly wants.

I say heart, because that’s the only thing capable of blindly wishing something. It doesn’t matter whether we believe in a supreme entity or not. In that split second before the coin lands, the heart will pray for one result over the other. And that’s what I look for. That split second clearly marks the choices for the heart and the mind, and whether they both have a choice of their own or not.

All that’s left is to honestly and carefully weigh those two choices and figure out which one is the better suited. That’s how you make them sit together and talk: the heart and the mind.

And who know, after that we might enjoy the world around us much better.

Have a Wonderful Day Ahead!

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