Since I joined this wonderful blogging community for the second time, I have found some amazing people and their amazing thoughts put into words. It’s an amazing place, and there are infinite points of brilliant ideas. The way a person writes always provides a little glimpse into the way that person thinks. And so far, I’ve found people with very interesting ways of thinking.

And so I thought that I should make myself a little more familiar to you all. Not only through my way of writing, but also with a explicit post which would tell you all about this blog of mine.

A Universe Within – All in Retro-Introspect.

I started this second blog with the thought that I as a person have a lot within me. My likes and dislikes, emotions and their balance, the way I react to certain things and above all, my experiences. The Universe of thoughts and what-not!

Sometimes, it does get difficult to keep everything in check, and sometimes I feel like there should be something more. But one thing that’s common in both states-of-mind, it keeps thinking: About the current time, about what happened in the past, and how I reacted. Whether it would have been better to have reacted in some other way, even though it doesn’t matter now. And finally, how does those events affect me in the upcoming time.

So, it’s Retrospection, and quite a bit of Introspection mixed into one. That’s where I get the phrase, “All in Retro-Introspect.” Because that’s how we learn, isn’t it? Analyzing past events, and judging ourselves to be correct or not. And how we can be correct next time if we weren’t then.

So, that’s what this is, my experiences written down in a somewhat sugar-coated, tear stained fashion. Sometimes in the ways of poems and sometimes as mere images, relied upon to say a thousand words. But one thing is for sure. It’s a handbook, written for myself, shared with the world, in hopes that someday, in some other retrospection, these would come as the solution.

What do you all write about? Drop a link to your blogs, so I can reach out and have a look at more interesting thoughts. And I’d love it if you all put in a little intro along with the link.

Oh, I nearly forgot. . . I love questions. Please put in anything that you’d like to know.

I want to build a caravan out of the wanderer that I am. And I want you all as my companions.

Have a Wonderful Day

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3 Replies to “Retro-Introspection”

  1. I can relate so much. I am always contemplating things from philosophical thoughts to the infrastructure of a tree or building. I try to look at the world with fresh eyes daily. I enjoy finding new patterns in my day and picking them apart and also differences in each day. I draw my inspiration from everything around me, including objects. If I feel a certain pull towards something i follow it and let myself be inspired. It’s amazing. Through this, along with prayer and many other mindful practice and being in nature, I’m learning to find peace even in sadness. Life is crazy. 🙂

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      1. Exactly ! We make the crazy into something inspiring and magical. That’s why I used the quote I used making this blog. Imagination had gotten me through many things in my life and made my life more rewarding. I wouldn’t be me without my imagination. Your posts are great and get us thinking. It’s awesome!


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